Thursday, September 2, 2010

oh my oh my how the time flies

I must say I am feeling a little better about not blogging in a while considering most of the peoples i look at haven't either :) We are all doing well. Jacob is back in school a big ol 8th grader. I asked if he was excited about it being his last year at Brentwood and he said "no what is there to be excited about" I should have known, he never has been a very excitable boy. Now David on the other had will get excited about almost anything! Just the other day he was way excited about getting a cracker :) go figure? He is still at his preschool for 2 mornings a week. Ella is doing much better now that she turned 2 thank the Lord! We just moved her into a big girl bed and painted her room all girly. It looks so sweet! She is doing really well sleeping in her bed at bedtime and nap time. No luck on the potty training though, I thought girls were suppose to be some much easier and quicker at this than boys? Oh well. Both Eddie's and my works are going well ho hum ho hum pretty boring there, thank goodness for the kids:) chow for now

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